Lovestruck Series

illustrated cover of Make a Scene. A Black couple (man and woman) are in a ballroom dance pose in front of a bakery store front
Illustrated cover for What a Match by Mimi Grace. A Black couple (man and woman) sit on a park bench, gazing into each other's eyes.
illustrated cover for Take a Hike by Mimi Grace. A Black couple (man and woman) standing in the middle of a Main Street in a small town. Woman is curvy and is posed playfully with one arm in air and heel kicked up. Her hair is in braids and is styled in a high ponytail. She’s wearing a short bustier floral dress with a sheer pink jacket & heels. Man is a big guy with white t-shirt, jeans, boots. His hands are in his pockets.


illustrated book cover of Along for the Ride by Mimi Grace. A Black woman wth big curly hair stands in front of a scenic view with a Tongan man. They are holding a map, but looking at each other flirtatiously