Take a Hike

Lovestruck #3

illustrated cover for Take a Hike by Mimi Grace. A Black couple (man and woman) standing in the middle of a Main Street in a small town. Woman is curvy and is posed playfully with one arm in air and heel kicked up. Her hair is in braids and is styled in a high ponytail. She’s wearing a short bustier floral dress with a sheer pink jacket & heels. Man is a big guy with white t-shirt, jeans, boots. His hands are in his pockets.
designed & illustrated by Leni Kauffman
What’s Take a Hike about?

Day-to-day life has grown stale for Raven Coleman, who prefers to fly by the seat of her pants than follow any set plan. So when she unexpectedly inherits an outdoor recreation and tour business in a charming small town, it’s exactly the kind of shakeup she has been asking the universe for.

Instead of selling Mountaintop Adventures right away, Raven decides to step in as the boss for the summer to determine if it’s a position she’d like to hold long-term. Unfortunately, her presence is not well received by the staff, particularly Silas Reynolds, the hardheaded archery instructor.

Silas once had big dreams, but life got in the way. Now he’s making the most of his situation. That is until the bubbly Raven thwarts his plan to buy Mountaintop Adventures. She has no industry experience or interest in the great outdoors but insists she can run the business.

The two butt heads immediately, but attraction and rapport soon soften their exchanges. Can Silas and Raven keep professional lines and their opposing goals intact? Or is love a force too strong to ignore?

Content Notes (some may view the following as spoilers)

These brief notes are for readers who need some insight into the contents of this novel.

  • Deceased friend (dies before the start of the book)
  • Brief recollections of an accident
  • Sexually explicit scenes

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