5 Things to Get You in the Autumn Spirit

I spend the year waiting for autumn. I love the mild weather, the holidays that fall (pun intended) around this time of year, and an excuse to put cinnamon in everything.

Like any expert in her field, I think I’m well-equipped to provide you, dear readers, with a list of things that will have you embracing hygge and in the mood for Halloween.


1. Bake an Orange Bundt Cake

I found this recipe on Aaron Hutcherson’s blog, The Hungry Hutch. It will make your kitchen smell amazing, and it’ll taste even better. I plan to make more of it during the fall season and bring it to any holiday parties I’m invited to.orange bundt cake-autumn vibes

P.S. I can’t say the word “bundt” without thinking of this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2. Watch Crawl

I’m not a huge horror movie fan, but I’ve always been fond of movies where the conflict is Man vs. Nature. Crawl didn’t get a lot of buzz when it first came out in the summer, but I thought it was a tense, pithy horror film with surprising heart.

the plot in emojis: 🌧 🐊🐊🐊😱🏊🏻‍♀️

  Here’s the trailer if you’re totally confused by the above LOL


3. Binge Lucifer on Netflix

This paranormal comedy-drama follows Lucifer Morningstar, the literal devil, after he has retired in Los Angles. He’s charming and arrogant, but his complicated relationship with his family and his previous job as, y’know, keeper of the underworld, makes life on Earth a bit hellish.

TV show Lucifer
via Giphy

4. Read Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? by Caitlin Doughty

Caitlin Doughty is a mortician with a popular YouTube channel where she strives to combat the fear and mystery surrounding death and the burial process.

Will my Cat Eat my Eyeballs by Caitlin DoughtyHer latest book seems to be in line with what she usually talks about. It might be a bit morbid for some, but I think Caitlin does a really great job of talking about an off-putting subject in a really accessible and concise way.


5. Follow this pottery maker on Instagram

There is something hypnotic and cozy about watching Eric Landon craft vases. I’ve found myself a number of times going to his page just to relax and quieten my racing mind.

@tortus-autumn vibes



Feel free to share in the comments below the thing(s) you plan to enjoy this season!

Published by Mimi Grace

Mimi Grace credits romance books for turning her into a bookworm at 12 years old. It didn’t matter matter if those stories included carriages and corsets or billionaire tycoons, she could be found way past her bed time getting lost in a couple’s journey to HEA. If you don’t iclude mint chocolate chip ice-cream and long-running reality TV shows, romance novels are where Mimi finds the most joy. She wants to evoke that same feeling in others with diverse books that are equal parts sexy, fun, and lovely. You can find her on her blog where she talks all things Romance(landia).

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